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PMS is focusing on initiatives for improving educational quality and learning environments where children enjoy their rights and grow to their fullest potentials. For maximizing the impact and transformational development in this sector, under CFICDP project PMS is working mainly on four objectives:

  1. To mobilize and organize the local communities to participate in the developmental process at village level and properly aware them to facilitate the children to attain their basic rights.
  2. 2. Provide friendly and creative education environment to the children through enhancing the capacities of teachers and School Management committees and facilitate the regular enrolment in permanent government Schools.
  3. 3. To revitalize and create income generating opportunities and resources by strengthening the local communities to reduce the negative impacts of local disasters.
  4. To promote responsiveness on health and hygiene of the communities to ensure the children and women health care by improving the local practices and adaptation of better alternatives at the household level.
PMS built partnerships with education department and delivered teacher training. Teacher and parent training and other educational assistance to institutions, which is helping to create an environment where the potential of each student can be fulfilled.

For ensuring access to education and generating an opportunity for female students to attend school, PMS provided counseling sessions to parents to make them aware of importance of female education. Schools were renovated in a way to make those secure and friendly for female students. Award giving ceremonies for brilliant students and teachers were held to promote girl's education.

Creating a literate Environment educational institutions received supports from PMS while advocacy with government line department to ensure an opportunity for improved learning environments along with necessary teaching equipment and accessories.

Targeting teachers as the key to quality education, PMS conducted a number of training courses and programs to enhance their technical competencies. As a result, learner-based and teacher-student participatory learning processes inside the class room have been improved.

Major Achievement
  • 17 Village Development Committees formed & functioning properly.
  • Conducted Leadership Management Training for 60 local teacher & VDCs members.
  • 12 Sessions organized Children Basic Rights for 17 VDCs & Parents.
  • 12 Advocacy meeting conducted with VDCs & Govt. Dept about Children Rights awareness.
  • Distributed Basic Furniture's items in 17 schools
  • 500 School bags & books distributed among deserving children of 17 schools.
  • 50 Local Teacher's Trained by 3 days Child Friendly Space training.
  • 24 Motivation Sessions conducted with teachers, SMCs about Children Friendly Educational Techniques & Methodology.
  • 1000 Poultry chicks distributed to 200 target beneficiaries.
  • 13 fruit orchards planted in Target areas.
  • 5 Days Medical Camp organized in 5 schools of 3 UC's of Pallas.
  • 985 Hygiene Kits distribution to 985 students.
  • 17 sports kits distributed in 17 schools
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