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About Us

Pak Mission Society (PMS) is a national relief and development organization established in 2004. PMS was registered on 13 February 2008 under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 at the Office of the Provincial Registrar Joint Stock Companies & Societies, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Government of Pakistan in November, 2017. Pak Mission Society was founded by a group of Christian professionals whose collective vision is to bring hope and love by responding to human suffering and disasters through emergency relief efforts and delivering long term rehabilitation and development programs. Since its establishment, Pak Mission Society has reached and served unreached and underprivileged communities regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion and social background.

The organization aims to catalyze holistic transformation and development through relationships based on dignity and respect and the transparent, fair, rights-based allocation of relief and development.


Implement and promote holistic development to strengthen people’s capacities, resilience and self-reliance


Vulnerable and unreached communities are empowered so that people enjoy the fullness of life, living with hope, dignity and respect.

03Core Value

Excellence, Accountability, Patience, Teamwork, Passion


Founder Message

In the year 2005 a vision got flesh when the Pak Mission Society was founded with a clear mission of touching and embracing the unreached and the underprivileged people and places like district Kohistan, Rajanpur, Sanghar and other unreached areas of Pakistan. As a growing strategic plan, PMS has switched over now from its earlier approach of projects; and disaster response; to its programs and the community development initiatives. Presently, we are working on 5 core thematic areas; WASH, DRR, Environment, Youth and Leadership Development, Church Engagement with the cross cutting themes of Social cohesion and women emancipation. The Pak Mission Society has been fortunate to own a team which is exceptional on many accounts. Its dreams are big, its passion is compelling, its service-style is ambitious, its expertise are up to the mark and its capacity building initiatives are fruit-yielding. The core theme which the PMS has close to its heart is deciphering a strategy which conducts the emerging youth into a mature and ripe leadership. The PMS has set its hands to providing youth an accessible platform of opportunities in the fields such as social cohesion, education, disaster response, wash, health and livelihood where they can render impactful services. The trust which unreached communities has shown towards PMS interventions has not less than a blessing and proving God’s grace on Pak Mission Society. We are stretching our hands to reach more communities and more unreached areas and has envisioned to help them in attaining the fullness of life. We are looking forward to have more national and international partnerships and collaborations to make this dream into a living reality.

Pak Mission Society Throughout The Years

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  1. A vision was born

    A vision was bornin 2004 when Mr. Adeel Rehmat, Executive Director PMS joined Missionaries on a prayer trip to Northern areas of Pakistan. Since that day, Mr. Adeelenvisioned to start a local missionary movement to uplift his community.A Board of six members under the name of Pakistan Mission Trust (PMT)was formed.

  2. First emergency relief

    In May 2005 PMT was registered under the Trusts Act 1882 in the district of Abbottabad with assistance from a lawyer who was able to guide Adeel and the PMT Board through the registration process. The lawyer, who had assisted in the registration process, gave Adeel 1,000 Pakistani rupees ($10) to open the bank account, PMT’s first ever donation. A devastating 7.6 magnitude of earthquake struck northern Pakistan and completely changed the direction of Adeel’s life and PMT’s trajectory. It also served as a reminder to Adeel that he had been called to serve in Pakistan and not in any other country.
    Responding to the earthquake was PMT’s first emergency relief activity. It started with the idea of buying empty plastic bags, distributing these bags among local Christians with the appeal to donate clothes and other household items to share with victims of the earthquake.

  3. PMT expands

    New administration staff were hired and the administrative structure was strengthened
    The management began planning long term intervention in Ghanool, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where PMT had started out with relief work.Strong relationship was built with local communities.

  4. Received the first grant

    PMT was renamed Pak Mission Society (PMS) and a new constitution was drawn up and agreed upon in December 2007, affording the Board proper guidance and authority. PMT was then registered as PMS in February 2008. Towards the end of 2007 the PMS Board was strengthened through the addition of a number of new members, some of whom had been key in maintaining the PMS vision until that time.
    PMS received its first grant of $70,000 from Doctors Aid International to run a public health and hygiene project in Ghanool in the region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the area where PMS had spent significant time providing relief in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake.
    PMS undertook a feasibility study to assess the viability of establishing a mother and child health centre (MCHC) in this area.PMS started using Peachtree accounting software installed to strengthen PMS’s financial systems.

  5. Mother Child Healthcare Centre (MCHC) in Ghanool

    PMS opened its first MCHC in March 2008 with funding from People International and individual donors.

  6. Mother Child Healthcare Centre in Jaboori

    PMS opened its second MCHC in Jabori in September 2009.At that time, leadership within PMS sensed the need to establish a mission training programme in order to work towards the original vision of 2004 to see a national mission movement in Pakistan.A Cross Cultural Training Programmewas designed and PMS started implementing it.

  7. A Turning Point for PMS

    At the end of July 2010 Pakistan was struck by an unprecedented flood that covered one-fifth of the country’s land mass, caused massive damage to infrastructure and affected an estimated 20 million people.PMS provided relief assistance in two districts in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Kohistan and Charssada.

  8. Education as thematic area

    In 2011, partnerships with Humedica International, a German Christian INGO was established. PMS successfully completed its first shelter project. PMS also began a partnership with Kindernothilfe (KNH), another German Christian INGO. The KNH-funded project was the first project in the field of education, turning 17 ghost schools into functioning places of learning in Kohistan.

  9. New Regions brought New Opportunities to Learn

    Throughout 2011 and early 2012 PMS was preparing to launch the MCHC in Pattan, Kohistan. The area is a particularly remote, the culture is known to be extremely socially and religiously conservative.PMS an its staff learned about cross cultural communication while working with a variety of communities, including minority Hindu communities in south of Punjab.

  10. New geographical area/ new area of intervention

    In 2013, PMS executeda project in Rajanpur and built 1,000 shelters. The total value of the funding was 14,000,000 Pakistani rupees ($140,000), a significant amount for an organization PMS’s size.

  11. Working with USAID/ PMS relocated to Islamabad

    A major development for PMS was being awarded USAID funding for a WASH project in Kohistan, to be integrated to the ongoing work. Another significant opportunity for PMS was to partner with Dr. Jonathan Mitchell of Concentric Development with a grant from First Fruit for organizational development. Dr. Mitchell helped PMS establish a Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment and Learning (MEAL) unit within PMS to assess the impact of our projects. PMS office was relocated to Islamabad.

  12. Establishment of new departments

    New departments were established and roles and responsibilities were streamlined.

  13. Signed MoU with the 2016

    In November 2017, PMS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Government of Pakistan. Annual Calendar for the year 2018 was designed, printed and disseminated for the first time. Two new departments; Visual Media and Quality and Accountability (Q &A) were formed.

  14. Signed MoU with the Economic Affairs Division

    In November 2017, PMS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), Government of Pakistan. Annual Calendar for the year 2018 was designed, printed and disseminated for the first time. Two new departments; Visual Media and Quality and Accountability (Q &A) were formed.

  15. Moved towards sustainable enterprise/ Established business wing

    Pak Enterprise Sustainable Development (PESD), a business company is formed. New partnership with institutional donors; NCA and ICCO.

Our Leadership

We have a dedicated team of professionals who share our values and passion. They bring an informed perspective to each challenge, calling upon years of benefits experiences in a variety of businesses and industries, and  combining their talents and tenacity, insights and intuitions, creativity and practicality

Prof. Dr. Samson Griffin


Adeel Rehmat

Executive Director

Sunil Gill

Deputy Director

Kehkshan Jibran

Senior Manager Programmes


“Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they have shared and they live on in the love they brought into our lives”.

Mr. Imran Shakeel (late)

Imran Shakeel (late) joined Pak Mission Society back in 2013. He was respected and admired for his enduring commitment and outstanding contributions to PMS. His unparalleled expertise combined with his humorous nature and sheer passion for the work made him rightly one of the most respected figures. He was always ready to face challenges with new spirit. We acknowledge the diligent services of Mr. Imran Shakeel who always put his heart and soul into the tasks he performed. He will never be forgotten and will be forever loved and PMS will forever cherish his contributions.

– Former Project Manager of Pak Mission Society

Dr. Jane P Samson

Dr. Jane P Samson for always sharing her valuable prayers, insights and contributions with motivational words of wisdom with the staff and management of Pak Mission Society.

Dr. Toni Anton Grosshauser

Dr. Toni Anton Grosshauser, for putting his trust in the PMS management and for providing the sound advice & honest feedback that has made PMS what it is today!

– Former Head of Programme Humedica International

Dr. Hansmartin Killguss

Dr. Hansmartin Killguss who, since the inception of PMS, has encouraged and supported us. His sincere prayers for the growth and progress of the organisation are always valued;

Mr. Dirk Jan (Late)

Dirk Jan was a good friend and staunch supporter of Pak Mission Society; Local Care has been a noteworthy companion in Pak Mission Society’s journey of growth since 2012. He contributed a great deal morally and financially towards the health projects of the organization. The Mother and Child Health Center (MCHC) at pattan in District Kohistan was especially close to his hearth and always in his prayers. He passed away after prolonged illness in early 2018. He was greatly loved and will be sorely missed.

– Former Head of Local Care

Mr. John Douglas

Mr. John Douglas joined Pak Mission Society in 2015 and worked with the organization for two years. He served as Head of the Planning and Development department before taking over as Director, Programmes in 2016. His emphasis on individual empowerment and organizational effectiveness and efficiency led to many positive changes for which the management and governing structures are very grateful. He left the organization and returned to his home country in 2017. We wish him the very best for his personal and professional future.

– Former Director Programmes (Pak Mission Society)

Mr. Solomon Khurrum

Mr. Solomon Khurrum joined Pak Mission Society in 2011 and during his six year associationwith the organization worked on numerous programmatic positions. In mid-2017, he was appointed as Director Programmes. His out of the box thinking and hunger for knowledge inspired several innovations and motivated staff members to develop a culture of learning within the organization. His vast expertise in and knowledge of the development sector played a vital part in the organization’s progress. He left the organization in end of 2017. We value his contributions to the organization and wish him very success in his life and career.

– Former Director Programmes (Pak Mission Society)
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