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Playing Area; missing Facility Provided.

Case Study 1: Playing area; missing facility provided.

The lack of acceptable playing facilities and options for the girls was a significant gap. Girls regularly complained of having nothing to do and feeling bored during recess time and post-closure while waiting to go home. A parent, Mrs. Razia, offered her view “My child did not want to go to school; she said playing with her friends was not enjoyable and most of their free time was spent talking and even arguing and fighting”. The school had been experiencing less than expected enrolment and poor attendance for several academic years and, despite the best efforts of the administration, there was little to show in terms of tangible improvement in both areas. Mrs. Rubina, a teacher of 4th Standard and a long-serving faculty member expressed her dismay regarding the situation “No matter, what we did, we had very limited success in getting parents to enrol their girls; to make matters worse, attendance was consistently low, creating a problem for students and teachers alike with regards to completing course and moving to the next class”.

The project’s installation of a playing area (consisting of double swing, slide and monkey bars) in the Government Girls Primary School (GGPS) in Village Parra Garri, UC Harran represented Pak Mission Society’s contribution to improving both enrolment & attendance while capturing the interest of the students and enhancing the quality of their recreation time during school hours.

Today, the existence of the playing area is a key part of the enrolment campaign and has helped to motivate many parents to send their daughters to school. The administration can promise and deliver a more well-rounded school-going experience than before and the Education Department has expressed its appreciation for Pak Mission Society’s efforts in improving the service delivery of the 15 schools in which playing areas were installed.

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