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Rozena along with her family was Sensitized/Educated

Case Study 1: Rozena along with her family was sensitized/educated
Rozena wife of Kefyat Ullah, 15 years old from Pattan was brought to MCHC The patient was in labor for four hours. The first priority of family was to conduct delivery at home by a traditional birth attendant (TBA). When she failed to deliver the baby at home they came to MCHC for assistance. This was Rozeena’s first pregnancy; and her family could not afford the expenses of a city hospital. However, when they arrived at the MCH center, the delivery went smoothly.
The new born baby has also started his EPI vaccination. MCHC staff sensitized Rozena’s family to focus on birth spacing and informed them about harmful effects of early marriage. They also were educated about vaccinations during infancy and childhood. Emotional Rozena shared with nurse” My family didn’t have money to take me to a city hospital. I was very troubled and didn’t know what to do. Local TBA referred us to MCHC. MCHC didn’t only educated me on health issues but told me the proper method for breastfeeding as I became a mother for the first time. I will suggest other females to visit MCHC”
Another family has been made aware about the consequences of underage pregnancy and birth spacing. Early marriages are very common in the area and one of the leading causes of complication in pregnancies. With continuous efforts of the staff at MCHC, we are bringing a change in society.

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