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Causes List

Change starts from one person

Samjho, wife of Lalchand and resident of Village Ahmed Ali Hingorjo, is 42 years of age and mother of seven children, six of whom live with their parents. Prior to Pak Mission Society’s intervention in her village, a significant portion of her daily routine consisted of travelling to and from the canal water

Life made easy through clean water

Sugna resident of Village Yousuf Thebo, one of the twenty villages facilitated in Khipro WASH II project. Sugna is 37 years old and has three children. Her husband, Tekam, is a farmer living and working as a tenant sharecropper in the fields of a local landlord. Sugna was spending four to five hours on a daily basis collecting

Protected family against germs/ diseases

Open defecation is a major contributor of water-borne diseases. Each year thousands of children under 5 years of age die of diarrhea. Mrs. Nanu, a 49-year-old resident of village Pir Aga Ghulam Ali Sarhandi, District Sanghar, Sindh, has seven children (4 boys and 3 girls); and belongs from a Hindu family

Relief through Clean Water

A hand pump nearby is such a relief. I used to be stressed when I had to leave my children alone at home to collect water. Now, I do not have to go through all the pain to collect water”

Rozena along with her family was Sensitized/Educated

Rozena wife of Kefyat Ullah, 15 years old from Pattan was brought to MCHC The patient was in labor for four hours. The first priority of family was to conduct delivery at home

Playing Area; missing Facility Provided.

Our girls were overjoyed when the playing area was set-up and their parents were coming and telling us that those children who were often missing school-days were now eager to attend.