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Residents of Basti Ikhtiar, located in the Harrand District of Rajanpur are mostly dependent on small scale farming to earn for their families. Arshad, also works as a farmer in this area, trying to feed his family of nine. Floods from torrential rains and fast water flowing down from Koh-e-Suleman cause havoc in this region every year, uprooting fields, and displacing hundreds of people. Even then these families move back once the water subsides as this is the only affordable living option for them. In 2020, apart from the flood, there was an unexpected locust attack on fields destroying hundreds of acres of standing crops and hitting these small farmers like Arshad really bad. There were days when his family had to sleep empty stomach without even being sure what the morning will bring. When identified by the PMS team, Arshad was on the verge of breaking and giving up. To support  farmers cope with this immense loss, PMS organized awareness sessions on prevention, mitigation, and preparedness for locust attacks in the area. Arshad was fortunately taken in as a participant. To further provide respite to Arshad’s family, they were also provided with cotton seeds to cultivate along with high-end fertilizers. ‘I can at least start a new chapter in my life for my family,’ said Arshad to our team.