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Relief through Clean Water

The pain which Motan goes through each day is hard to imagine. Motan, 35, lives in Khipro is a struggling mother of four children. Three of Motan’s children are physically challenged and her husband is a laborer. In Khipro, women are responsible for collecting water for drinking, cleaning and bathing. Three to four trips are required in a day to collect water, with each trip taking up to forty minutes. Women travel in groups to avoid harassment, which leads to long queues at the well.

Being a mother of physically challenged children, her responsibilities are far more than other women. Children also help their mothers in water collection but Motan is on her own. A hand pump has been installed by PMS in her village, providing access to clean water whenever it is needed.

“I can give proper time to my children as they need special care and attention after the installation of hand pump. Now the water is available at my door steps and it is comforting to be around them all the time”

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