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Pak Mission Society / Environment


Pakistan is one of those many countries affected by environmental degradation.

Pakistan is one of those many countries affected by environmental degradation. It has not become a national threat with the government focusing on it as a part of the National Strategy 2025. Under the Environment Programme at Pak Mission Society, we have taken many initiatives to support the government in many alarming issues facing the rural as well as metropolitan areas of the country. Under its Saaf Mahool Project in partnership with Tearfund, PMS is contributing to sustainable solid waste management through the Integrated Resource Recovery Model replication in Islamabad called the Haryali Hub. It follows the concept of circular economy and cleaning urban settlements of the country along with the provision of job opportunities to those in need.

Every operational programme in PMS is contributing to various environmental activities to ensure communities not just understand the value of the environment but also can work on solutions needed to save it. Environmental intervention streams of PMS are directly addressing SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13 and also contributing in Pakistan National Campaign, entitled as “CLEAN AND GREEN PAKISTAN” through following programmes:

  • Integrated solid waste management
  • Tree plantation
  • Circular economy
  • Smokeless stoves
  • Research, policy analysis, and public engagement