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communities start with a healthy mother and child. According to UNFPA, Pakistan has the highest maternal mortality rate in South Asia. Nearly 70% of births take place at home resulting in complications during pregnancy. In Pakistan, underprivileged women have little to no access to antenatal care and limited resources of family planning. Usually women are likely to give birth without any doctor.

For over 6 years, Pak Mission Society has been committed in promoting maternal and child health through its functional and well equipped Mother Child Healthcare Centre (MCHC) in Pallas, Kohistan; where maternal mortality rates are very high. People are vulnerable to diseases and malnutrition. PMS assessed the area and found that most of the health facilities are nonfunctional or lack appropriate equipment and staff.

To address the immediate need of communities; MCHC was established in 2012. The center is equipped with modern equipment and trained para medical staff. The facility comprises of a laboratory, pharmacy, labor room, general ward and an ambulance facility. The project aimsto contribute towards improved health and well-being of communities especially pregnant/lactating women (PLWs), infants and young children in Tehsil Pattan, District Kohistan through a functioning Mother and Child Healthcare Centre.

The project is contributing to the long term socio economic development has improved and there is a decrease in expenses on treatment, which consequently increases income for other activities. Women are taught about health related issues on their visit to MCHC as most of the women in Kohistan are uneducated; The center is contributing meaningfully in health, well-being and resilience of the targeted communities.

Acheivements till 2017:

  • Improved awareness of, access to and use of quality ante-natal, post-natal, out-patient and outreach services and facilities in targeted communities;
  • Enhanced practice of IYCF in households of targeted communities;
  • Increased awareness of and access to quality counselling services in targeted communities;
  • Increased capacity of key stakeholders to effectively manage illness and injuries in targeted communities;
  • Enhanced practice of hygiene and sanitation in targeted communities;
  • Reduction in iron, iodine and micro-nutrient deficiency in targeted communities;
  • Increased vaccination coverage for children, adolescent girls and women in targeted communities.
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Location: San Marcos
Date: July 31, 2017
Duration: 6 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited