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The world shares about 9% of its population defecating openly in its surroundings. This arises huge health and environmental issues for the people of developing countries. Ghulam Yaseen is also among those whose village and family practices open defecation. He belongs to a tribal area of District Rajanpur. They live in very harsh circumstances, much below the poverty line. When the PMS team visited Ghulam Yaseen’s house, they observed an extremely strained environment. Cooking pots were contaminated with flies, garbage spreading all around the house, and lack of sanitation facilities. Ghulam said that his earnings are not sufficient enough to live a healthy life as most of his earnings were mostly spent in bearing medications for his family because of the unhealthy environment leading to the illness of his family members frequently. PMS triggered Yaseen and his family through a CLTS awareness session and selected him as a beneficiary for the provision of latrine material. They have constructed a proper latrine at their house YOUNGEST COMMUNITY LEADER IN HYGIENE PROMOTION.