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Client outreach was the biggest problem faced by me due to my disability. The market needs competency and training. Inclusion was my desire since childhood to support my family in a better way.

Adnan Pervez, 29 is physically challenged from Rawalpindi. He faced mobility issues and thus could not attend school. His father being a tailor himself, associated Adnan into tailoring trade. He always felt himself to be excluded from others in different aspects of life. Adnan learned stitching ladies’ garments and successfully established himself as an entrepreneur in the community. Later in life, after Adnan got married and his family responsibilities doubled, he needed to support living for his three little daughters in addition to his parents’ family. Economic slow-down and ever increasing inflation, forced Adnan to do more, despite of his physical disability. He worked hard but the situation did not turn around. He tried to add additional tailoring traits into the business, hired apprentices, worked long-hours to earn extra income to aptly cater his family needs, that continued to increase with each passing day. Being prayerful devotee, Adnan is in a dire need of business mentorship to enhance his business outputs. PMS team under Shared Lives and Livelihood project team approached Adnan and encouraged him to be the part of the project. Adnan got enrolled in business orientation sessions, learned effective entrepreneurial skills in three-day training. He was capacitated in marketing, bookkeeping, expansion of business through effective investment on the basis of feasibility and market trends. PMS granted Adnan Rs. 50,000 for purchasing required stock, tools and accessories to expand his business on right footing. He is more resourceful now and able to earn a decent living. Moreover, he had the opportunity to interact with youth from other religious background which certainly enhance his clientage base. His business success proved that “Disability is not an obstacle to success,” PMS is obliged to offer standby support to physically different Adnan Pervez, in new societal thinking pattern that advances fullness of life to be enjoyed by the entire family.



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