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Pak Mission Society / Our Story  / Shazia found her sister alive under debris

Shazia found her sister alive under debris

Shazia, 18, is a resident of the village of Pathe. Shazia was washing clothes when the earthquake struck, while her 16-year-old sister, Uzma and 11-year-old brother, Faizan were taking tea at home. “Suddenly the ground started shaking, my brother ran out of the house, but my sister was buried under the roof of the house,” Shazia said with frightened face expressions.

Shazia said that no one was around at the time of the earthquake. She ran to save her sister but became unconscious for a few moments as she fell. When she came back to her senses, she immediately reached the house and removed the debris and found her sister alive. Uzma’s ribs were broken. now she is at home after the necessary treatment from the hospital.

Shazia lives with her three sisters, a brother and mother. Her father has died 3 years ago. Since generations, her family has been working as labour at Bricklin. She said that as they live away from the main settlement so after an earthquake, no one came to visit them. People living on the roadside were assisted by NGOs and Government.

“We somehow got a tent, in which our whole family manage to live and in rain, even our goats come under the same tent. But after a few showers of rain, the tent has started dripping. It gets cold now and this tent is not suitable for cold weather.” Said Shazia.

When the PMS team told Shazia that PMS’s tent is winterized and can resist the rain and cold wind, she became excited to see the pitched tent. PMS team pitched the tent for the family. The whole family thanked PMS for providing them winterized tent and water. Shazia’s family said that now they will use an old tent for goats and a new winterized tent for a living until their house is reconstructed.

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