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On September 24, 2019 Pakistan’s northern areas, especially Azad Jammu and Kashmir survived disastrous earthquake measuring 5.8 scale, damaging infrastructure including roads and houses, killing dozens of precious lives. Poor of the poor households were hit hardest.

Shazia (aged 18) lives with her mother, 2 sisters and a brother in village Pathey in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Ever since her childhood, the entire family has been surviving on Brick Kiln work on a poor wage structure.  Her father died 3 years ago.

At the time when the earthquake struck, Shazia was washing clothes, while her 16-years old sister, Uzma and 11-year-old brother, Faizan were taking tea inside their abode. “Suddenly the ground started shaking, my brother ran out of the house and then house collapsed. My sister got buried under the collapsed roof,” Shazia said with frightened face expressions.   Shazia with abrupt breath, narrates the horrific sufferings caused by an earthquake, as within no time the environment turned into a shock and astonishment. She reported that, her sister survived with the major injury on her RIBS.

The effects of this misery was not even recovered when absence of Shelter, put our family in another troublesome situation. We siblings, our injured sister, our remnants, our livestock are surviving under one government provided shelter which was not enough for the protection of our family. To make the matter worse, rain was not stopping from hours. We live away from the main settlement so no one came to visit our family after the earthquake. NGOs and Government assisted people living on the roadside.

Suddenly, a team of PMS in red jackets visited our shelter and asked me about the immediate needs. Even without a minute delay, I replied, SHELTER for Survival as her sister needs space for recovery. They provided us spacious shelter which give proper footing to my family till the situation stabilizes.  I am thankful to PMS for reaching us, without any hesitation of extreme weather such as rain and thunderstorms, in order to handover shelter (tent) and water bottles.






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