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Pak Mission Society is working at the grass-roots level to uplift the Christian community financially by enabling them to establish their businesses and be successful self-reliant entrepreneurs. PMS launched a business competition in collaboration with the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) to provide rigorous training sessions to top-tier Christian entrepreneurs while being inclusive of all genders and age groups. The initiative was designed keeping in view the lack of formal training and organizations to provide seed funding to startups in Pakistan. PMS also provided the winners of the competition with grants to help them kick-start their businesses. Arif Karim’s – aged 42 years old – life turned around due to PMS business competition which enabled him to start his own business unlike many whose dreams to switch careers remain unfulfilled. His health care business “Global HealthCare Solutions” took off exponentially and provided affordable health care to marginalized communities during the pandemic. PMS continues to uplift the marginalized directly and indirectly through different initiatives

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