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Pak Mission Society has proved to be a par excellence organization in social mobilization beyond age, socio-economic background, and race enabling people to develop individual philosophy leading purposeful lives. The lack of higher education, unstable socio-economic background, and lack of proper platform add to the miseries of youngsters who wanted to serve until PMS launched the Church-based internship programme. PMS designed the programme and training content to enable an individual to experience “living” in the true sense. Saba Pervaiz benefitted from the Church-based internship programme. She was deputed to International Full Gospel Fellowship Church (IFGF) through an internship for 6 months where she got rigorous training harnessing her leadership skills. She later extended her knowledge by volunteering in a Sunday school. PMS focuses on the practical implementation of the Biblical teachings enabling others to become leaders and reshaping the societal fabric into a pluralistic entity that aligns with the Quaid’s vision of Pakistan

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