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“PMS pulled my family out of the clutches of poverty and now my husband looks at me with pride.”
Parveen Bibi

Parveen is the sole breadwinner for her family. Her husband lost his job during the pandemic and since then it has been a difficult journey for them. Barely meeting their basic needs, Parveen started a small business selling used items such as clothes, crockery, etc. This was again badly hit by the falling buying power of her community due to the pandemic. Her income was almost reduced by 70%, adding to their overheads and making their financial situation even worse than before. They were in debt as well trying to save their business. Under the CCT project, PMS, fortunately, identified Parveen through her Church and was given a grant of PKR 25,000, helping her rebuild her tiny shop. THE SOLE BREADWINNER OF THE FAMILY Thankfully, this time around she was able to manage things better and currently is making a profit of around PKR 4,000 a month. Parveen and her family are at least able to earn for themselves now and not depend on for help.

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