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Pak Mission Society was founded by a group of Christian professionals whose collective vision is to bring hope and love by responding to human suffering and disasters through emergency relief efforts and delivering long term rehabilitation and development programs. Since its establishment, Pak Mission Society has reached and served unreached and underprivileged communities regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion and social background.


Implement and promote holistic development to strengthen people’s capacities, resilience and self-reliance


Vulnerable and unreached communities are empowered so that people enjoy the fullness of life, living with hope, dignity and respect.

Core Values

Excellence, Accountability, Patience, Teamwork, Passion








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Become a vital part of a Pak Mission Society committed in saving others’ lives. It’s also a good way to improve your career prospects. Become a Pak Mission Society volunteer today. Through training, guidance and employee support, PMS supports all of our volunteers and it can be personally rewarding as it helps you give something back to your community.


“Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they have shared and they live on in the love they brought into our lives”.

Mr. Imran Shakeel (late)

Imran Shakeel (late) joined Pak Mission Society back in 2013. He was respected and admired for his enduring commitment and outstanding contributions to PMS. His unparalleled expertise combined with his humorous nature and sheer passion for the work made him rightly one of the most respected figures. He was always ready to face challenges with new spirit. We acknowledge the diligent services of Mr. Imran Shakeel who always put his heart and soul into the tasks he performed. He will never be forgotten and will be forever loved and PMS will forever cherish his contributions.

- Former Project Manager of Pak Mission Society

Dr. Jane P Samson

Dr. Jane P Samson for always sharing her valuable prayers, insights and contributions with motivational words of wisdom with the staff and management of Pak Mission Society.

Dr. Toni Anton Grosshauser

Dr. Toni Anton Grosshauser, for putting his trust in the PMS management and for providing the sound advice & honest feedback that has made PMS what it is today!

- Former Head of Programme Humedica International

Dr. Hansmartin Killguss

Dr. Hansmartin Killguss who, since the inception of PMS, has encouraged and supported us. His sincere prayers for the growth and progress of the organisation are always valued;

Mr. Dirk Jan (Late)

Dirk Jan was a good friend and staunch supporter of Pak Mission Society; Local Care has been a noteworthy companion in Pak Mission Society’s journey of growth since 2012. He contributed a great deal morally and financially towards the health projects of the organization. The Mother and Child Health Center (MCHC) at pattan in District Kohistan was especially close to his hearth and always in his prayers. He passed away after prolonged illness in early 2018. He was greatly loved and will be sorely missed.

- Former Head of Local Care

Mr. John Douglas

Mr. John Douglas joined Pak Mission Society in 2015 and worked with the organization for two years. He served as Head of the Planning and Development department before taking over as Director, Programmes in 2016. His emphasis on individual empowerment and organizational effectiveness and efficiency led to many positive changes for which the management and governing structures are very grateful. He left the organization and returned to his home country in 2017. We wish him the very best for his personal and professional future.

- Former Director Programmes (Pak Mission Society)

Mr. Solomon Khurrum

Mr. Solomon Khurrum joined Pak Mission Society in 2011 and during his six year associationwith the organization worked on numerous programmatic positions. In mid-2017, he was appointed as Director Programmes. His out of the box thinking and hunger for knowledge inspired several innovations and motivated staff members to develop a culture of learning within the organization. His vast expertise in and knowledge of the development sector played a vital part in the organization’s progress. He left the organization in end of 2017. We value his contributions to the organization and wish him very success in his life and career.

- Former Director Programmes (Pak Mission Society)

Our Partners

Our deepest gratitude to the supporters and partners of our project